Uduakabasi Akpan

Uduakabasi Akpan

Uduakabasi Akpan stands as a beacon of marketing and communication prowess, seamlessly blending trendy global finesse with an innate understanding of the digital and integrated marketing landscape. Having crafted innovative solutions for industry giants like Globacom, MTN, and Diageo, Uduak’s portfolio speaks volumes of his creative genius.


With a rich tapestry of over eight years in the realm of digital and experiential marketing, Uduak has not only sharpened his skills but has also been the guiding light for businesses, transforming visions into reality with unparalleled creativity and precision.


Currently, as the Creative Director at Anakle Limited, Lagos, he architects digital masterpieces for Nigeria’s elite brands, embodying his unwavering commitment to creative brilliance and efficacy.


Beyond his marketing acumen, Uduak is a visual artist par excellence, painting emotions both on canvas and in the digital domain. His YouTube channel offers a glimpse into his virtual artistry, captivating audiences worldwide.


Educationally, Uduak is a blend of global excellence: from the esteemed Yaba College of Technology in Fine Arts to the iconic Miami Ad School’s School of Pop Culture Engineering His credentials further shine with a graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, a project management certification from Simon Page College of Marketing and a Digital Marketing professional certification from the prestigious Digital Marketing Institute.


When the suit comes off, Uduak dives into his passions – swimming, cycling, extreme sports, and tech exploration, embodying the spirit of a true renaissance man, inspiring the next generation to dream big and achieve bigger.

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