Highly dedicated engineer with over 18+ years’ experience in software and mobile development, Machine Learning, DevOps and working with Big Data in the Cloud.

Adept at building machine learning models and deep learning neural networks using TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch and SciKitLearn for data analytics, natural language processing, fraud detection, image classification, supervised and unsupervised learning.

Proficient in Java, Scala, Python, R, C#, .Net Core, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, Dart as well as RDBMS systems like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Also proficient in cloud and big data platforms like AWS Glue, Data Bricks, Kinesis, Kafka, Firehose, Elastic Map Reduce(EMR), Redshift, Athena, GCP Big Query, Cloud Firestore as well as Infrastructure as Code, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Automation and DevOps using the latest tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Cloudformation, Git, Jenkins, Docker and Vagrant.

Professional mobile apps developer specializing in cross platform app development for Android and iOS using Flutter, SwiftUI & Jetpack Compos

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