TechUp by LAskill

TechUp is a dynamic and forward-looking event powered by LAskill Training Center that brings together visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts from the technology industry.


The TechUp event serves as a platform for showcasing the latest technological innovations, discussing trends, sharing insights, and fostering networking among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

From cutting-edge startups to established industry leaders, TechUp covers a diverse range of topics including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, virtual reality, biotechnology, and more.

TechUp Event Features

The event typically features keynote speeches from thought leaders, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and hands-on demonstrations of emerging technologies. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge, make meaningful connections, and explore the possibilities of how technology is shaping and transforming various sectors.

Whether you’re a tech aficionado, an entrepreneur, an investor, or simply curious about the future, TechUp offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest advancements, gain insights into industry trends, and be part of a community that’s driving innovation forward.

The Maiden Event | TechUp 1.0


The inaugural TechUp event held at LAskill in Uyo was an extraordinary triumph, leaving attendees in awe and setting the stage for the eagerly anticipated TechUp 2.0. Distinguished by the presence of leading tech industry luminaries, the event proved to be an unparalleled success, captivating all who participated.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as attendees immersed themselves in enlightening discussions led by top-notch experts. The event’s resounding success is evident in the animated conversations, innovative ideas exchanged, and the vibrant networking that took place throughout the day.

Witnessing the transformative potential of technology up close, attendees departed the event with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a deepened understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape. The resounding sentiment among all was unanimous anticipation for TechUp 2.0—an event promising even more groundbreaking insights, captivating interactions, and a platform to shape the future.

As the echoes of the maiden TechUp event linger, the anticipation for TechUp 2.0 reverberates stronger than ever. The stage is set for yet another remarkable chapter in the journey of technology exploration and innovation. Mark your calendars, for the future beckons with promise, and TechUp is the gateway to unparalleled inspiration and progress. Join the LAskill Tech Community WhatsApp group to get info about TechUp 2.0.

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