KodeHauz is a team of Nigerian tech professionals with a mission to develop technical manpower, products, and services to stimulate the growth and expansion of a flourishing technology ecosystem.


From our five years of experience in the business of capacity development, we have considered it necessary to partner with experienced organizations with a proven track record in discovering and developing talented individuals in Nigeria.

HNG Internship having recorded huge success in an ambitious effort to change the way education is done in Africa, was identified as the right partner. Recent experience has revealed that some individuals are deficient in the requisite foundation to scale through the competitive HNG internship program. It is our belief that a good number of them if given the opportunity, could go through the learning curve in a less competitive learning environment.

Having identified this need, KodeHauz decided to establish KodeCamp in partnership with HNG. Our plan is to give beginners and inexperienced individuals the opportunity to go through a structured learning program.

The objective is to give everyone an equal opportunity to develop at their own pace into world-class skilled manpower, capable of solving real-world problems in this era of digital transformation.

About KodeCamp

KodeCamp is a 4-month online training program designed for those who are interested in building a career in tech. Training Tracks include Web Development (Frontend – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Vue js, React js) Mobile App Development (Node js, PHP, Laravel, python), and UI/UX (Figma design tool).

KodeCamp 1.0 kicked off on the 16th of August, 2021. With about two thousand (2800) learners in the current maiden edition of the program, KodeCamp is expected to expand to other areas of interest such as Data Science, Internet of Things, and Computer Aided Designs (CAD) in the next edition.

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