Ibom Languages Project

The Ibom Languages Project is a dedicated initiative committed to preserving and revitalizing the unique linguistic heritage of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Through various programs and activities, we aim to empower communities, promote language education, and celebrate the rich cultural diversity embodied in the Ibom Languages. Join us in safeguarding this vital aspect of our heritage.


The Ibom Languages Project yields cultural preservation, linguistic diversity, and community empowerment. It safeguards endangered languages, fostering pride and identity among the Akwa Ibom people. By promoting language learning and cultural resources, it enriches local heritage and opens doors to educational and economic opportunities, creating a stronger, more vibrant community.

Ibom Languages Ideation & Hackathon


The Ibom Languages Project Ideation and Hackathon Competition is a dynamic event that encourages teams to propose innovative ideas or develop functional prototypes related to Ibom languages and culture. It’s a platform for creativity, technology, and cultural preservation, fostering solutions that celebrate linguistic diversity and promote community engagement.

To participate, Click on this link to register.

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