Hanson Johnson

Hanson Johnson is a technology entrepreneur who wants to save the world with a click. Founder/CEO of Start Innovation Hub – a leading source where 2000+ technical talents and 350+ entrepreneurs in Nigeria draw strength and excellence to innovate for global relevance.

He is notable for diagnostic scoping, strategic visioning and execution of viable innovative solutions from inception to launch and able to provide leadership towards a structured framework to analyse complex situations and resolve them into simple strategic imperatives leveraging partnerships.

In the past 10 years, He has focused on;

  1. developing technical talents and connecting them to global opportunities.
  2. supporting business owners to Ideate, Innovate and Grow their businesses through incubation programmes.
  3. support state, national and international governments on diagnostic scoping and sustainability models for digital access programmes.
  4. Mentoring Google Developer Groups in Nigeria.


He has a robust knowledge of the economic, social and institutional context of Nigeria.

Since 2010, he has contributed to the development of the technology ecosystem in Nigeria as a Software Engineer, Ecosystem Builder, Manager, Director, Mentor and Country Mentor. He is also the Ecosystem Director at Innovation Support Network (ISN) Nigeria.

On 24th September 2022 he was honoured with Akwa Ibom State Productivity Order Of Merit Award in ICT by the state government for his contributions to the development of the state and its people.

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