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Welcome to “Made in Akwa Ibom,” a digital platform dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of talents, innovation, and communities that make our beautiful state, Akwa Ibom, truly exceptional.

Our Mission

At “Made in Akwa Ibom,” we have a passionate commitment to unearth and spotlight the remarkable talents that call this region home. From artists and musicians to tech innovators and culinary experts, we believe in the power of showcasing and nurturing local talents to inspire the world.

But our mission goes beyond individuals. We’re here to connect you with the thriving hubs and companies that are proudly rooted in Akwa Ibom. Whether you’re seeking career opportunities, partnerships, or simply want to explore the diverse range of products and services our state offers, this is the place to start.

In addition, we’re dedicated to promoting the sense of community that makes Akwa Ibom a truly unique place to live and work. Discover the warmth and unity of our various communities, each with its own vibrant character, traditions, and stories to tell.

Lastly, we are equally committed to highlighting the incredible work done by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within our state. Learn about their causes, support their initiatives, and be a part of the change they’re making in our community.

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