Diaspora Hero


Honoring Excellence in Connecting and Driving Growth in Africa

The Diaspora Hero Awards

This is established to honor and recognize outstanding individuals in the diaspora who have made significant contributions to connecting, driving collaboration, and enhancing the local economy in Africa. This award celebrates their dedication, innovation, and impact in fostering growth and development across the continent.

Eligibility Criteria

Diaspora Status

The nominee must be a member of the African diaspora residing outside the continent or an Akwa Ibom person living outside Nigeria.

Sustainable Development

Commitment to sustainable development practices that positively affect local communities.

Impact on Local Economy

Demonstrated significant contributions to the local economy in Africa through investments, business ventures, or other economic activities.

Innovation and Leadership

Displayed innovation, leadership, and a visionary approach in their initiatives.

Collaboration & Connectivity

Proven efforts in building bridges between the diaspora and local communities, fostering partnerships, and enhancing connectivity.

Award Nomination Process

1. Nomination Submission

Nominations can be submitted by individuals, organizations, or the nominee themselves.

2. Evaluation

A panel of judges comprising industry experts, community leaders, and previous award winners will evaluate the nominations based on the eligibility criteria. The evaluation will focus on the depth of impact, the extent of collaboration, and the sustainability of their initiatives.

3. Shortlisting

The top nominees will be shortlisted based on their impact and contributions. Shortlisted nominees will be contacted for further information if necessary.

4. Final Selection

The panel of judges will select the winner from the shortlisted nominees. The winner will be notified and invited to the award ceremony.

Award Presentation | Honoring All That Are Serving

The Diaspora Hero Award will be presented at the Akwa Ibom Tech Week 2024

The Diaspora Hero Award will be presented at the Akwa Ibom Tech Week 2024

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Award Benefits


Public acknowledgement of the awardee’s contributions through various media channels.

Networking Opportunities

Exclusive opportunities to connect with key stakeholders, policymakers, and fellow change-makers.

Certificate and Trophy

A certificate of recognition and a specially designed trophy to commemorate the award.

Nomination Form

Diaspora Hero Awards Nomination Form

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